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Testimony of quality

Quality control system

Since establishment in 2009, GEOSUN has implemented the ISO9000 quality management system. In 2011, it passed the certification of CNAS China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment, IAF International Certification Center and Beijing Zhongshui Excellence Certification Co., Ltd., and obtained ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification. In 2011, the company's hardware products were respectively awarded the People's Republic of China Manufacturing Measuring Instruments License (CMC) issued by Hubei Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision. Also in 2011, the products passed the EU ROHS certification, the EU CE certification, and the international air transport lithium battery UN38.3 certification, and obtained relevant certificates.

Under the guidance of the quality policy of “production scaled, zero-defective products, and creating world-class brands”, GEOSUN has continuously improved the quality management system and strived for excellence. Therefore, GEOSUN established the bellowing departments:

Product Management Center: responsible for establishing, monitoring and improving the company's quality management system.

Business Inspection Department: responsible for the quality inspection and testing of purchased parts.

Quality Management Department: responsible for quality inspection, quality control, machine reliability testing of the entire production process, and implement quality management.

Technical Testing Center: responsible for external testing and quality feedback of the instrument.

The above departments perform their duties, strictly follow the quality management system, carefully select the product parts, strictly control the production process, and introduce high-quality, high-precision surveying and mapping instruments for users!


Production management

In order to obtain higher production efficiency, high-quality high-end products and great production flexibility, Wuhan Geosun Navigation Technology Co., Ltd. has carried out a series of production innovations, introduced advanced ISO9001:2008 quality management system, and is pursuing UEP lean management method and 6σ quality management method, with the application of various advanced management methods in GEOSUN, the resources will be more rationally configured and fully utilized, and the production management level will continue to improve.

The production line (equipment) is arranged in a "U" shape design scheme, the worker's work direction is unified, the equipment spacing is reduced, and the logistics storage: implement the principle of "single piece (small batch), one process transfer", and the production line materials (parts). Supply: Adopting the principle of "multi-frequency, less batch, and just-in-time", the production operation mode: "one person multi-order" principle is implemented according to the production cycle. One person is responsible for multiple processes, with clear tasks, emphasizes full participation, and focuses on internal direct communication. The sense of responsibility and participation of employees makes the quality of products more secure.

Manufacturing process

GEOSUN not only pays attention to technology, but also maintains the manufacturing advantages through advanced equipment and tooling, as well as the ever-increasing technology lever. GEOSUN not only has an assembly line that adapts to multiple working mediums, but also combined into a high-quality, high-efficiency machine production process with the evaluation of the welding process, efficient assembly process, unique testing equipment.

"Deductive quality, create classic" first-class production environment, production line, and production technology. In the continuous advancement and development, we will always implement the principle of "first-class". We will continue to improve our operating efficiency, promote the construction of national economic information with first-class technology, first-class products and first-class services, and continuously enhance the international competitiveness of China's space information industry. 

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