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Talent idea

Manpower summary

First-class talents create first-class careers, and first-class careers foster first-class talents!

Geosun pays great attention to the cultivation of employees' professional quality and ability, and provides a complete training system for employees of different levels and professional types, perfect training forms and optimized training contents create opportunities for employees to continuously improve their capabilities. 

Regular training

Vocational skills training: office software, management skills, business etiquette, professional skills, etc.

Fresh graduate induction training: corporate culture, related systems, professional knowledge, professional skills, etc.


Employee Activities: Regularly organizes employee activities (travel / dinner / cultural and sports activities, etc.)

Birthday Care: Prepare birthday presents for the birthday staffs, and will be issued in the same month.

Marriage Care: Enjoy the wedding gifts.

Fertility care: Fertility gifts can be enjoyed by female employees or by the wife of a male employee.

Job subsidy: Provides meal supplement, communication subsidy, travel subsidy, overtime subsidy, etc.


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