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eFix R1 Series
eFix R1 series is a high-accuracy multi-frequency multi-satellite RTK field mapping system elaborately designed for RTK/GIS fieldwork by GEOSUN GEO. eFix R1 series applies comprehensively various kinds of high precision real-time dynamic positioning technologies,which enables eFix R1 series to track and observe all visible GNSS satellite signals easily,so as to offer precise,efficient and reliable PTK measurement,and provide strong and flexible solution.


◆ Initiating RTK + Pad fieldwork mapping system in China
◆ Dual power supply design, industry''''s highest large capacity Li-ion battery,supports hot plug power battery replacement
◆ Configured with software supporting GPS,GLONASS,and Compass carrier phase
◆ Seamless compatible with various CORS systems
◆ Linux intelligent system
◆ Support GPS,GLONASS,Compass,Galileo
◆ Fast initialization and satellite tracking technology
◆ Intelligent fault diagnosis and audio reminder function
◆ Built-in high-performance processor can process 20Hz data
◆ Built-in transmitting-receiving UHF radio,3G/GPRS,Bluetooth
◆ Support one-key setup for base
◆ Standardized design,exchangeable base and rover

GeoRef K2E   
R1 controller,also working as a high sensitive industry-level handheld receiver
GeoRef K2E is with Windows CE 6.0/Windows Mobile 6.5 operation system and built-in 1GHz industry-level processor,while supporting 10GB or even larger raster image loading and 100 MB level vector data loading,providing comprehensive GPS/GIS software application solutions.

GeoPac - Professional Collecting Software    
GeoPac is the latest multifunctional GNSS data collection,processing and management software,containing data collection,edition, detection,analysis and storage,which is widely applied in different fields such as engineering survey,road engineering,water conservancy, forestry and etc.
◆ Comprehensive functionalities,meeting both requirements of high-accuracy engineering survey and field data collection.
◆ High-accuracy rapid positioning can meet different accuracy requirements.
◆ User-friendly interface makes heavy-duty fieldwork easy and convenient.
◆ Universal coordinate systems with the popular Gauss,UTM,Mercator projection,etc.
◆ Various convenient coordinate transformation tools,making plane 4-parameter,spatial 7-parameter and 3-parameter transformation easier.
◆ Powerful process and performance as well as very fast and smooth operations based on advanced calculation technology,even with over 3000 points collected.
◆ Multiple professional data collection methods.
◆ Complete attributes library and easy setup make data collection,edition and management super-easy,greatly increasing fieldwork efficiency.
Engineering Survey
The built-in extension module specially designed for engineering survey:
◆ Provide professional high-accuracy solution for RTK survey with self-built base or the one based on CORS.
◆ Convenient management for stakeout point library,control point library and detail point library.
◆ Avoid the conventional defect of error accumulation in handset built-in software,significantly improve the survey accuracy. 
◆ Powerful post-processing software enables survey more flexible with more accurate results.
Road Engineering
The built-in extension module specially designed for road survey application:
◆ Powerful and practical design features.
◆ Flexible stakeout mode with navigation function.
◆ Support various stakeout of transition curves,easy and convenient to operate.
◆ Support center line,profile and template edition and stake out for road application.



eFix R1 series application
◆ High accuracy RTK survey
◆ High accuracy wide range control survey
◆ Construction stakeout
◆ Various industry data acquisition
◆ High accuracy marine survey
◆ For electric power, transportation, agriculture,forestry and land applicatio 

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