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Product Description

AGS 300 adds a high-precision inertial navigation (IMU) module, no matter how the fuselage tilts during the aviation flight, it can accurately provide position, velocity and 3D attitude information.

After the data processing of professional software, AGS300 provides threedimensional position accuracy of 0.05 m, velocity of 0.02 m/s, heading of 0.08 degree, and pitch/roll of 0.03 degree, data sampling rate ups to 200Hz. With AGS 300, UAV Aerial remote sensing can completely be free from ground control point, it is especially applied to the UAV surveying in strip area, irregular shape area, large watershed area and high latitude area; and is also widely used in UAV laser scanning and other direct geo-reference aerial remote sensing fields. For the users who required high-precision and real-time in precision agriculture, electricity and other areas, AGS 300 also offers GNSS real-time differential positioning (RTK) function.

It supports UHF radio and 3G communication module, can receive real-time base station differential data. The UHF is compatible with PCC, Trimtalk, SATEL communication protocol, and working range ups to 5 km. AGS 300 adopts metallic cover, which makes the device lighter and more stable in signal reception, the designation fully considered the performance of waterproof, shockproof and dustproof.

AGS300 supports a variety of aerial triangulation software, including Pix4D, UAV Master, PhotoScan, Smart3D, GodWork, SVS, SkyPhoto, etc., Furthermore, it is applicable to a variety of branded UAV, and is also compatible with all commercial flight control systems.

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