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The 8th China Surveying and Mapping Geographic Information Technology Equipment Expo was held from 26th to 28th, Sep in Deqing, Zhejiang province, GEOSUN brought its main products to the exhibition, the core products high-precision GNSS/INS receiver and Lidar system attracted the attention of a large number of visitors and won a good reputation.


△ GM Dr Sun with visitors


△ Dr Sun was introducing the LiDAR system  


gAirHawk is a kind of compact LiDAR point cloud data acquisition system, integrated laser scanner, GNSS and IMU positioning and attitude determination system, camera (optional) and storage control unit, is able to real-time, dynamically, massively collect high-precision point cloud data and rich image information. It is widely used in the acquisition of 3D spatial information in surveying, electricity, forestry, agriculture, land planning, geological disasters, mine safety.

636940122824473452.jpgVTOL fixed-wing UAV S200 not subject to site restrictions; small turning radius,flexible landing mode; camera installed in the nose, wide field of vision;takeoff and landing safety;good operation.


L200 six-rotor drone is a versatile portable unmanned aerial vehicle. The fuselage structure adopts carbon fiber integrated forming technology. The frame, upper cover, arm, landing gear, motor frame, etc. are all lightweight structural design. Six arms adopt a direct-connected structure to make the flight attitude more stable. The arm-type structure allows it to be disassembled and completed in a very short time. After power-on, the GPS satellite can be positioned for a few minutes to fly off. It is a highly applicable six-rotor aircraft.


AGS210 is an ultra-small, low power consumption, high performance GNSS receiver, specifically designed for aerospace applications, compact, lightweight and easy to carry with. Adopting high-precision GNSS OEM board, assure the highest quality of the measurement data.

AGS 300 is the upgrade version of AGS210, adds a high-precision inertial navigation (IMU) module, no matter how the fuselage tilts during the aviation flight, it can accurately provide position, velocity and 3D attitude information.

After the data processing of professional software, AGS300 provides threedimensional position accuracy of 0.05 m, velocity of 0.02 m/s, heading of 0.08 degree, and pitch/roll of 0.03 degree, data sampling rate ups to 200Hz.



△ Academician Gong Jianya 



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